Displaying pass and fail results by means of colors and bar graphs

In addition to saving measured values, GENNECT Cross’s pass/fail judgment functionality allows you to save pass and fail judgment results. This capability is convenient when you need to make a series of measurements quickly and obtain judgment results immediately, for example when measuring insulation resistance in a distribution panel.
Measured values are saved each time the instrument’s HOLD button is pressed. Instantly generated pass/fail judgment results are displayed on a bar graph and by means of display colors.

Repeating measurement

When you wish to repeat a measurement, simply long-tap the parameter in question to re-measure or delete the reading.

Setting pass/fail judgment conditions

Pass/fail judgment conditions allow you to compare measured values with a single fixed value (criterion).

Example setting 1

Fixed value: 50; judgment condition: “>” (greater than)

Example setting 2

Fixed value: 50; judgment condition “<=” (less than or equal to)

Example setting 3

Fixed value: 50; “±” added; judgment condition: “<=” (less than or equal to)

Using measurement conditions as set on the instrument

With the Insulation Resistance Meter IR4054/IR4055 and the Bypass Diode Tester FT4310, you can set pass/fail judgment conditions (comparator values) based on the instrument’s settings by downloading those settings to the app. In this way, you can configure the app with the instrument’s pass/fail judgment conditions.

Supported instruments