Creating end-of-construction inspection reports for illuminance measurements in the field

Illuminance Measurement

Illuminance inspections must be carried out following the completion of construction work. Measured values at designated locations must be included in reports, and often this requirement by jotting down the values on drawings by hand. In addition, technicians must later transfer handwritten data to a computer after returning to the office. If you work in this field, you probably understand that measurement takes time and that report compilation is extremely time-consuming.

GENNECT Cross includes functionality that has been specifically designed for illuminance measurement.

This functionality lets you load a drawing image and place illuminance measured values on it.
In short, you can create reports in the field.

Since GENNECT Cross can connect to the Illuminance Meter FT3425 using Bluetooth, you can place measured values from the illuminance meter on the drawing with a single tap. The process of reading values, jotting them down by hand, and transferring them to a computer can be entirely eliminated.

Using this function is a game-changer for illuminance measurement.

There’s another interesting way to use GENNECT Cross.

You can also place measured values on a photograph of the site, instead of a bitmap image of a blueprint or other drawing. Although the result might not be suitable for use in reporting end-of-construction inspections, the capability is useful when you need to provide quick information about conditions at a site when a problem occurs or when you want to create a report after switching to LED lighting, which you can do quickly and easily in the field. This page introduces an example in which the goal is to test the results of switching to LED lighting by creating a report in the field after measuring the illuminance distribution on a table.

We took a picture of a table and then placed measurement data for the center and four corners onto it. You can see that the values exhibit some variability but still fall within tolerances.

The next step is to create a PDF report for these measurements. Simply chose the data to include and tap the “Create Report” button to complete the process. (Creating PDF reports requires an Internet connection.)

Download example illuminance measurement PDF report

Application Note: Create Reports with Illuminance Measurements during Building Inspections