General Measurement

Review measured values from a distance.

The displays of paired measuring instruments are displayed in the GENNECT Cross app in real time. Since instruments connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® wireless communications, no cables are necessary. You can review measured values without interruptions from a location up to about 10m away.

Connect up to eight instruments.

You can connect up to eight instruments via Bluetooth®, and they need not be the same model.

For example, you can measure 3-phase current with three clamp ammeters and view the results in GENNECT Cross.

Saving measured values

Tap the “Save Value” button or press the instrument’s HOLD button to save the measured value along with the time.

Inter-channel calculations

You can choose two channels of measured values, perform any of four arithmetic operations, and view the results in real time. For example, you can multiply voltage and current measured values and display the result as a rough estimate of power consumption, or you can perform calculations using voltage output from sensors and display the results.


Supported instruments

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