Harmonic Analysis

This function uses the AC Clamp Power Meter CM3286-01 to measure current or voltage harmonics. The app can measure up to 30th order harmonics and calculate the parameters needed to perform harmonic analysis.

Harmonic analysis

The app calculates and displays the harmonic level, content percentage, and total harmonic distortion (THD-F, THD-R) for each order. The fundamental frequency can be either manually fixed (50 Hz or 60 Hz) or set automatically. In addition, the display can be toggled to show only odd-order harmonics, and these values can be collectively saved.

Harmonic graph

Values for each harmonic order are displayed simultaneously as a graph. In addition to the harmonic graph, the app can display the source waveform.

Logging (continuous measurement)

Harmonic data can also be logged. Simply set the logging interval and logging measurement time to start logging harmonic data.

*Exercise care with regard to the CM3286-01’s battery level when performing logging for extended periods of time. If the battery runs out while logging is in progress, the instrument will not be able to continue measurement.

Supported instruments