If I’m using GENNECT Cross on multiple handsets nearby, what should I do if an instrument connects to an unintended handset?

Once you’ve paired an instrument, it will be registered with the GENNECT Cross app on that handset (smartphone or tablet). Since the app connects to registered instruments automatically when it finds them, your instrument may connect to a different instance of the app running on an unintended handset.

If you encounter this issue, simply delete the instrument from the GENNECT Cross app on the handset(s) to which you wish to keep the instrument from connecting. After you delete the instrument, it will automatically connect to the intended handset once a short time has elapsed.

Deleting an unwanted Bluetooth® communications connection

  1. Search for the instrument you wish to delete under [Other] → [Connected Instruments].
  2. Tap the scissor icon to disable the Bluetooth® connection.