Illuminance Measurement

The illuminance measurement function provides the ability to place measured values on drawings and to create inspection reports in the field.

Capturing a drawing or photograph

To capture a drawing, simply convert an existing image file (BMP, JPG, or PNG format) and save it in the your smartphone or tablet’s library. The drawing’s image file can then be loaded from the library.
Alternatively, you can take a photograph of the drawing and use that.

Tapping the image to set locations

Simply tap the image to have the app stand by for measured value input. Since measured values from the illuminance meter are shown in real time in the app, you need only tap a button to save a measured value.

Measurement data

Once all measurement is complete, tap the “Exit” button to end the process. You can output a CSV file of measured values and an image (drawing or photograph) on which the measured values have been placed. Measurement data from the CSV file can be pasted into a report.


Supported instruments

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