Insulation resistance measurement report for an annual inspection


In this example, insulation resistance is measured at each of a number of circuit breakers as part of an annual inspection in an electric room. The measurement process in the field does not take much time, but creating the report accounts for an enormous amount of time when the overall process is considered. The report can be created using site photographs with GENNECT Cross’s Photo/Drawing with Values measurement function.

Taking a photograph of the distribution panel and placing measured values on it

The Photo/Drawing with Values measurement function allows you to place measured values on a photograph. In the case of an annual inspection, you can take a photograph of the distribution panel and place measured values for the resistance insulation between each phase and ground on the photograph.

If you create the report in Excel, it will consist of a list of circuit breaker names and measured values. It’s not possible to ascertain where each circuit breaker is in the panel based on its name alone. Although it’s possible to create reports that list measured values based on the corresponding circuit breakers’ positions, doing so can be quite time-consuming.

The Photo/Drawing with Values measurement function offers the following advantages:

  1. Clear, intuitive presentation of results using a photograph
  2. Ability to create reports in the field

Following are the specific steps by which the function is used:

  1. Take a photograph of the distributional panel.
  2. Tap the circuit breaker phase wires you wish to measure.
  3. Measure the insulation resistance with an insulation tester and send the measured values to the app via Bluetooth®.
  4. The measured values will be placed on the photograph.
  5. Repeat Steps 2 through 4.
  6. Create an image file or PDF report.

Writing on a photograph with the pen function

In the event you discover an insulation fault, you may wish to circle its measured value for emphasis. GENNECT Cross provides functionality for adding freehand memos to photographs for just this purpose.

You can summarize measured values and photographs in the form of a PDF report in the field. Please take a look at the example report below.

> Download the PDF report