Loading and Saving Data

Loading data

Loading data in the HIOKI GENNECT (HOK) format

GENNECT Cross for Windows can load files saved in the HOK format used by GENNECT Cross and Remote.
Select the file you wish to save in GENNECT Cross for iOS/Android or GENNECT Remote and export it in the HOK format.
Once you’ve loaded a file into GENNECT Cross for Windows, you can view its data, images, PDF reports, and other resources.

Loading files from instruments

You can load measurement data directly from the Battery Tester BT3554/BT3554-01 using a USB connection or from the Power Quality Analyzer PQ3100 using a wired LAN connection.
GENNECT Cross for Windows can be used to view the loaded data.

Saving data

You can save data in the HOK, ZIP, or CSV format. As with GENNECT Cross for iOS/Android, you can also select data and use it to create a PDF report.