Logging (Recording)

Record and graph values at a fixed time interval.

Up to eight channels of paired instruments’ measurement data can be saved at a fixed time interval. The number of channels is determined by the number of measured parameters, not the number of instruments. For example, if a clamp meter is being used to measure current and frequency, that would constitute two channels of data.

Set the logging interval and duration.

For example, if you start logging after setting the logging interval to 1 min. and the logging duration to 60 min., GENNECT Cross will automatically save 60 sets of measured values every minute for an hour. You can tap a button to stop logging while it’s in progress.

*Exercise care concerning remaining instrument battery life when using the logging function for an extended period of time. Measurement will stop if an instrument runs out of battery while logging is in progress.

Logging at up to a 1 sec. interval

Although the minimum logging interval when logging multiple channels is 5 sec., you can set an interval as short as 1 sec. when measuring a single channel. This capability is useful when you wish to record faster variations.

Displaying statistical data

You can display each channel’s average, maximum, and minimum values as statistical data, and these values can be displayed while logging is in progress, too. For maximum and minimum values, the time and date at which each value was measured are also shown.

Data files

Logging data is saved using the CSV file format. Excel can be used to load, graph, and otherwise manipulate the data in CSV files.

Saving images

Graphs of logging data can be converted into image files. You can also add handwritten memos and text notes to those image files, which can be sent to a computer or other device via the cloud or e-mail.


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