Photo/Drawing with Values Measurement

The Photo/Drawing with Values Measurement measurement function allows you to place measured values on a photograph or drawing image and save them. For example, you can photograph the circuit breakers you intend to measure; send measured values such as voltage, current, and insulation resistance via Bluetooth®; place them on the photograph; and save the result.

Loading a photograph or drawing image

First, load the photograph or drawing image onto which you wish to place measured values. There are three ways to load images:

  1. Take a photograph.
  2. Load an image from your photo library.
  3. Use a template.

Use of templates will be described later.

If you wish to place measured values on a drawing, you can load the drawing image via your smartphone or tablet’s photo library. The app can load BMP, JPG, and PNG images with a resolution of up to 3,072 × 3,072 pixels. If you’re looking for an easier way to place measured values on a drawing, you can also photograph the drawing with your device’s camera.

Tapping the image to place measured values

When you tap the image, the app will stand by for measured value input.

There are two ways to enter the measured value:

  1. Enter the value from a supported instrument via Bluetooth®.
  2. Enter the value using a numeric keypad.

Up to 300 values can be placed on a single image.


Sometimes you need to repeat the same measurement. One example of such an application would be measuring the insulation resistance of a distribution panel on a regular basis, such as during an annual inspection. If you were to take a picture of the distribution panel each time and place the values on that image, you’d need to repeat the same process every year.

Instead, you can create a template by placing measurement points in advance on a photograph. You can subsequently use this template to eliminate the need to take the photograph and place the measurement points, allowing you to complete the job simply by entering measured values.

Supported instruments

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