Reporting quickly and accurately on malfunctions


When you find an issue in the field, you may wish to report to the client or to your supervisor. In doing so, you can communicate information such as the location and the results of a sensory inspection or measurement, and ask for instructions. You may also wish to send an email with a photograph to more effectively communicate conditions at the site. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
GENNECT Cross provides functionality for communicating information even more accurately by making it easy to create a photograph that contains more useful data.

Placing measured values on a photograph

You can measure voltage, current, and insulation resistance with an instrument, but if you are unable to explain accurately where those measured values were taken, you could end up with an incorrect decision when you consider how to implement a solution.

Which circuit breaker did you measure? Which phase did you measure? Was it on the primary or secondary side? In some cases, words alone provide an inadequate basis for sharing information.
Introducing the GENNECT Cross Photo/Drawing with Values measurement function. Now you can place measured values on a photograph to indicate where they were measured.

Imagine that you have measured the current for each phase on the secondary side of a circuit breaker in order to ascertain phase unbalance. You can send the current values you measured with the clamp ammeter to your smartphone via Bluetooth® and place them on a photograph. For example, you’ll measure the R-phase current and place that measured value close to the R-phase wire, and repeat for each phase.
If you also measure voltage and insulation resistance, you can add those measured values to the photograph as well. You can place measured values from multiple instruments on a single photograph, and you can place up to 300 measurement points on a single photograph.

Adding memos to a photograph

Photographs on which measured values have been placed provide an effective and accurate means of reporting site information, but if you could also call special attention to certain areas on the photograph, you can imagine how the process could become even more precise. For example, you might circle the location of discoloration or a buzzing noise on a circuit breaker, highlight unusual measured values with a different color, or jot down a simple description.
GENNECT Cross allows you to do just this by adding memos to photographs with a pen tool.

Sending photographs by email

You can send the photographs you’ve created from GENNECT Cross as emails. You can also group multiple photographs together for sending.
In addition, you can choose multiple photographs and measurement data and create a PDF report that summarizes them.