Automatic file transfer (LAN)

This function lets you centralize management of measurement files from LAN-connected instruments by automatically downloading them to a computer.

Measurement files are automatically transferred when they are saved by the instrument. For example, imagine that you have set a measurement stop time for a power meter or logger. While measurement is in progress, measurement data will be saved in the instrument’s internal storage memory. The file will not be transferred because it has not been closed (i.e., it is not yet complete). Once the measurement file is saved after the measurement stop time has been reached, the file will be transferred to GENNECT One.

Consider a power quality analyzer as another example. Time-series power files will be automatically transferred when they are saved, as described above. In addition, event files will be automatically transferred to GENNECT One whenever a power quality event occurs.

Transferred measurement files are added to GENNECT One’s data list.

Supported measuring instruments

Power Quality Analyzers (PQA)

When using with the PQ3198, measurement must be stopped in order to acquire the current day’s measurement file.

Power Loggers
Data Loggers
Data Acquisition (DAQ)