Real-time measurement (logging)

Acquire measurement data at a fixed interval (the logging interval) from a variety of LAN-connected instruments with a computer on which GENNECT One has been installed and display data in real time on a single graph.

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Automatic file transfer (LAN)

Centralize management of measurement files saved by LAN-connected instruments by automatically transferring them to a computer.

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Remote control (LAN)

Control LAN-connected instruments remotely from a computer.

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Data list

Organize and display measurement files saved by the automatic file transfer function as well as GENNECT Remote and GENNECT Cross measurement files in a single data list. Viewing a measurement file launches the specialized application associated with that file type.

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Supported measuring instruments

Measuring instruments Real-time measurement
Automatic file transfer
Remote control
Power Quality Analyzers (PQA)
✓ (*1)
Power Loggers
Power Analyzers
Data Loggers
✓ (*2)
Data Acquisition (DAQ)

*1 When using with the PQ3198, measurement must be stopped in order to acquire the current day’s measurement file.
*2 GENNECT One only supports Internet Explorer 11 with Java installed (because it uses a Java applet).